Elements of sustainability

1. Timeless design

2. Durable materials 

3. Local production 

4. Care and purpose 

Timeless design
We believe in making timeless items you will keep and treasure for a long time to come. To us, this means no annual collection. Sustainability is about combining natural materials and high quality craftsmanship. We don`t do seasonal trends or collections, and will add new designs only when it makes sense to us. 

Drable materials
We put a lot of time and effort in sourcing natural and durable materials. Our jewelry is crafted in recycled Sterling silver/ 24k gold plated Sterling silver. This is a durable plating that will last for a long time with proper care. To us, buying fewer things of a higher quality is the only way forward.

Local production
Most of our items are made-to-order, meaning we don't overstock. Our intention is not to produce more than necessary. We strive to source and support local suppliers and partners. All of our jewelry is individually handcrafted in our studio. Due to the natural materials, both size and look on each piece may vary. We believe in being transparent and keeping the supply chain as small as possible.

Care and purpose
We only use natural materials, sourced from all over the world. We believe that by giving our customers an item with a value and a purpose, it will be cared for in a different way than products that are produced by machines in a big factory. Our hope is that our customers will value and cherish the work and craftsmanship that lies behind each and every Studio Bille item. It is our belief that treasured items last longer.